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The Alumi Combi Light is a freestanding acoustic screen combined with whiteboard. This screen is fully upholstered on one side (sound dampening). The other side consists entirely of a whiteboard. You can use this screen for more privacy and less distractions at your workplace.

Available in multiple colours. When choosing a felt colour, you can also choose a pattern. A total of four sizes to choose from.

– Combination of whiteboard and acoustics
– Absorption and shielding
– Available in several colours


The Alumi Combi Light screens are available in four fixed sizes.

Dimensions (W x H x T):
806 x 1806 x 63 mm
806 x 2006 x 63 mm
1190 x 1806 x 63 mm
1190 x 2006 x 63 mm

Fabric and colours

The Alumi Combi screens are available in the fabric Salsa or the fabric felt with different finishes: felt plain, felt dot and felt block. All three finishes are available in the colours: dark grey, light grey and white.


Salsa coloursSalsa colours

Felt Plain
Felt plain colours

Felt Dot
Felt dot colours

Felt Block
Felt block colours


The frame of the Alumi Combi light screens are made of aluminium and available in the colours ANO (RAL 9006) or white (RAL 9010).


The legs of the Alumi Combi Light must be ordered separately. You have choices with or without wheels. They are made of aluminium and available in the colours ANO (RAL 9006) or white (RAL 9010).


Product sheet

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