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SleepSoft from Alpine are earplugs for during sleep. The earplugs have an average attenuation of 25 dB.

Disturbing ambient noises, such as snoring and outside noise, are hereby attenuated for a better night’s sleep. And a better night’s sleep means more energy during the day!

Attenuation values

SNR (average attenuation values) = 25dB

service life and cleaning

The service life of the earplugs is about 100 times, provided they are cleaned regularly. The earplugs can be cleaned with lukewarm water and soap.

Package contents

– One pair of universal earplugs in a standard colour (see product picture)
– Two soft acoustic filters
– Includes the ”Alpine Cleaner” a tool to clean the earplugs
– Storage box made of plastic
– Insertion sleeve from Alpine to properly apply the earplugs

More features

– Very comfortable fit due to AlpineThermoShape technology
– All night long without irritation
– Also muffles snoring noise in case of abnea or pregnancy. It never completely eliminates snoring noise
– Alarm and a crying baby remain audible, but muffled
– Reusable

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Alpine | SleepSoft

v.a. 10,70 excl. BTW

Earplugs for during sleep.

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