Product description

Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs are made to prevent hearing damage to musicians. MusicSafe Pro is an extension of the MusicSafe.

The MusicSafe Pro comes with a gold filter (average attenuation 22 dB) and a silver filter (average attenuation 19 dB) as well as a white filter (average attenuation 16 dB). With the MusicSafe Pro there is a matching filter for every situation.

– Three filter sets for different situations
– Prevents hearing damage
– Reusable

Attenuation values

Gold filter: SNR (average attenuation value) = 22dB (bar staff, sound technicians, drummers)

Silver filter: SNR (average attenuation value) = 19 dB (Guitarists, Wind instruments, Staff on stage)

White filter: SNR (average attenuation value) = 16 dB (Singers, DJs, Keyboard players, Percussion)

service life and cleaning

The service life of the earplugs is about 100 times, provided they are cleaned regularly. The earplugs can be cleaned with lukewarm water and soap.

Package contents

– One pair of transparent universal earplugs
– One piece spare earplug
– Three filters with different attenuations
– Alpine Clean cleaning spray (5 ml)
– A cord to attach the earplugs to
– A case to keep the earplugs in for travelling

More features

– Very comfortable in the ears due to comfortable fit
– Three filter sets white, silver and gold
– Transparent and invisible in the ears
– Minimal sound distortion
– Reusable

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  • Two filter sets for medium and high attenuation
  • Prevents hearing damage
  • Reusable

Alpine | MusicSafe Pro

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Earplugs for hearing protection of musicians.

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