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Ecophon | Ecophon Advantage

Acoustic panels for suspended ceilings

Product description

The suspended acoustic system ceiling with Advantage sheets is an economical choice and meets the most important requirements regarding acoustics. We offer two types of Advantage sheets, Type A and Type E. Both frames are deliverable in two frames; 1.5 and 2.4 centimetres wide. This width concerns the visible part of the frame onto which the panels are positioned. One or two sizes are deliverable, depending on the type. It involves the following dimensions: 60 x 60 cm and 120 x 60 cm. The panels have a width of 1.5 cm.

– Economical choice
– Core of glass wool
– Back provided with glass fleece

Type A and Type E

The difference between Advantage Type A and Type E is reflected in both the frames and the panels:
– Type A is mounted into a visible frame during which the panels are nearly placed against placed each other
– Type E is also mounted into a visible frame but this frame is in a deepened position between the panels. Because the framework is deepened, the shadow causes a slight relief effect. The figure explains the difference between Type A and Type E schematically (the dimensions are in millimetres):

Schematische weergave type en maat



The panels are deliverable in white.

General characteristics

– The panels are constructed of glass wool with a high density
– The visible side of the panel is finished with Akutex T coating and the back of the panel is provided with glass fleece
– A primer is applied to the sides
– The weight is approximately 2.5 kg/m².

Minimum order

The panels are sold per box only. The content of a box varies depending on the type:

Type A: 120 x 60 cm: 20 pieces. (14,4 m2)
Type A: 60 x 60 cm: 40 pieces. (14,4 m2)
Type E: 120 x 60 cm: 16 pieces. (11,52 m2)
Type E: 60 x 60 cm: 26 pieces. (9,36 m2)

Noise-absorbing values

Ecophon Advantage

€ 4,69 per piece excl. VAT
€ 5,67 per piece incl. VAT
Delivery time 2 to 3 weeks
  • Delivery time 2 to 3 weeks

  • High price-quality ratio

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If you want more insight into the current acoustic situation, you can request a measurement on location.

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