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Product description

The acoustic, transparent curtain is the result of many years of innovations within the industry of curtains. The micro-perforations combined with an air gap ensure that this acoustic, transparent curtain has absorption values comparable with the absorption values of thick, fabric curtains. The acoustic, transparent curtain is a unique combination of light, acoustics and aesthetics at the office and in a house.

  • Strong and fire resistant
  • Deliverable in lengths up to 280 cm
  • Available in 12 colours


The curtains shorten the reverberation time, prevent direct reflections and improve the intelligibility. The product functions best when placed approximately 15 cm in front of a hard surface (wall and/or glass) and, obviously, when closed.


– The acoustic transparent curtain is available per metre width with a maximum length of 2.8 metres (including hem). The purchase is made per metre width.
– The metre width has taken into account a 100% fold. This means you actually receive 2 metres of fabric per metre ordered.


Acoustic transparent curtain colours


– The curtain is standard delivered to be used in the standard curtain rails, such as KS-rails.
– The curtain is delivered in a Wave-form

Explanation with your order

To order two curtains with a length of 250 cm and a width of 140 cm, this is what you do:
– You choose for the desired width of 100-150 cm. This determines the price of the curtain.
– You indicate the exactly desired width of 140 cm
– You indicate the desired length of 250 cm
– As quantity you select: 2


Approximately 0.4 kg per metre.

Fire resistance

Flame-extinguishable according to DIN 4102 (B1).

Absorption value

The acoustic transparent curtain absorbs noise five times better than conventional transparent curtains. The curtains have an Alpha-W value of 0.5 – 0.6 and the following absorbing values:

Absorberende waarde akoestisch gordijn

These measurement data were achieved in a situation where the curtains were placed 15 cm in front of a wall with a flat surface.

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EASY | Acoustic transparent curtain

from 295,87 excl. VAT

Acoustic transparent curtain. Maximum height 280 cm. Inclusive KS-rails. Available in different colours.

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