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The importance of proper acoustics at the office

Every office is different which means different acoustic issues occur at every location. To improve the work environment, attention has to be paid to:

  • Transfer of noise between workplaces mutually
  • Reflection of sound through the ceiling
  • Environmental noise
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Yalmar Ras
Yalmar Ras
Acoustic specialist

Improve the acoustics at the office

Good acoustics is of importance to create a comfortable work environment. When improving the acoustics at the office, attention is paid to preventing annoying resonance, realising comfortable noise levels and reducing the transfer of noise between workplaces. Office employees will be able to focus better this way and are less likely distracted.

We offer practical and high-quality solutions for nearly all acoustic problems in an office environment. Our acoustics specialists are happy to advise you.

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Frequently used solutions for good acoustics at the office

When the acoustics at the office are good, it has a positive effect on the productivity and satisfaction of employees. In order to achieve this, we have several acoustic (desk) screens and wall and ceiling solutions.

Measurement at location

We are able to perform a measurement at location if you don't want to have any uncertainties about the current acoustics in your office. We have all the equipment needed to perform a proper reverberation measurement.

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