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Noise absorption

EASY Noise Control delivers a variety of noise-absorbing materials for applications in the industry and machine construction.

Applications noise absorption

Noise-absorbing materials are used to prevent reflections of noise (the "sound box-effect"). Due to these noise reflections against hard surfaces, the noise level increases. This is prevented by the proper application of noise-absorbing materials.

Our assortment includes a variety of technical materials aimed at noise absorption, such as EASYfoam, Ecosorb and EASYpol, to reduce noise reflections and accumulation of noise in, for example, machine enclosures or technical spaces.

Noise-insulating plates

Noise absorption and noise insulation are two different concepts. Visit our page about noise insulation.

Custom work

In addition to our standard products for noise absorption, we also offer custom work. Contact us to be informed about the possibilities and to request for a concrete quotation.

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Remco Soeteman
Remco Soeteman
Acoustic specialist

Ask the experts

Do you have any doubts about the proper application of a product? Or would you like to know which acoustic material is most suitable for a specific noise problem? Contact one of our acoustic advisors. They give a practical and targeted advice.

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