Noise barrier and customized casing

Looking for a sound barrier or acoustic partition wall? Do you want to separate your production area and machines? Or interested in a complete acoustic casing around your machine?

EASY Noise Control offers acoustic sandwich panels that are perfectly usable for the making of a sound barrier or sound casing.

Moreover, we can make a sound barrier to measure and deliver it quickly! Installation, including construction and accessories, is also one of the possibilities.

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Customization often gives you more efficiency, convenience and accuracy. Would you like advice on a sound barrier or partition wall? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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Sound casing with sound barrier

A sound casing is used to insulate, for example, machines or pumps. For example, a heat pump or a generator that are located on a roof and make a lot of noise for the surrounding area. A sound casing is completely closed off in order to control the noise as well as possible.

It is important to think about the casing and the accompanying construction beforehand. Wind loads outside play a role in this.

EASY Noise Control has (internal and external) knowledge in order to deliver customized sound casings and sound barriers. Moreover, we can install the casing, including the right steel construction and any sound-absorbing grids and sound-insulating doors.

Sound barrier as a wall

In industrial applications or factory and production halls, sound barriers are sometimes essential. EASY Noise Control offers perforated sandwich panels to build a sound barrier.

These perforated sandwich panels are both acoustic and sound insulating. In short, a sound barrier is used to control noise. In this way, they can form an excellent barrier between, for example, a production area and an assembly area.

The separation walls are customized up to a height of 13 metres! You can install them yourself or have them installed by us (including a possible steel construction). Look at the product page EASYpanel for more information.

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