Room acoustics customization & design

EASY Noise Control is thé specialist in 'Room Acoustics'. Every room and situation is different when it comes to achieving pleasant acoustics. Therefore, every solution is different as well. With standard products in fixed modules, we cannot work in every situation.

Customization has therefore become a standard for us. As a result, we are flexible, fast and precise. This pays off in effective and efficient solutions for the customer.

At the same time we have a wide range of products, which gives us a lot of freedom of choice. Think of panels in any shape, colour, fabric or with your own photo. We also like to think along with architects and designs to develop new acoustic designs.

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With us, customization can be simple or complex. For an office, customization is for aesthetic reasons, for example. In a production hall, customization is often for practical reasons. Customization can play a role in every customers' request.

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Ceiling solutions

Acoustic ceiling solutions are often the most effective at reducing reverberation. Naturally, we also have many solutions in which customization is possible.

Wall solution

Walls are ideal to use to improve the acoustics. We offer various wall panels with a choice of photo printing, colours, fabrics and shapes. Almost always custom work.

Acoustic objects

With the variety of materials and many processing options, we can also create original acoustic objects.

Realisation of your own design

As an architect, designer or contractor you have an interior design in mind and you want the acoustic solution to be tuned to this. We go for the maximum achievable and monitor the wishes and requirements.

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Request advice

Contact our acoustic specialists for more information about our products in your application, quotations, samples and any customization possibilities.

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