Realisation of your own design

Tackling acoustics after refurbishment or moving to a new home is a frequent occurrence. However, integrating acoustic solutions prior to refurbishment is a smart move.

Thinking about the acoustic solutions beforehand gives more room for customization, design and integration. In addition, there are no unexpected costs for acoustic measures afterwards.

We are happy to work with interior architects to integrate acoustic solutions into an existing or new design.

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Request advice

Do you have a project where you are unsure about the acoustic facilities? Or how acoustics can best be integrated into your design? We are happy to think along with you and show you the possibilities.

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Please feel free to send us a request

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We work together with various interior architects, design builders and designers to ensure good acoustics for their customers and projects.

In this cooperation, we are always looking for maximum achievable acoustics. This is combined with the design wishes, technical requirements, implementation and budget. In this interplay, we take into account the wishes and interests of all parties. Our acoustic specialists are therefore both consultants and experienced project managers.

Realisation of your own idea

Are you a product engineer or architect and have a good acoustic idea? We are open to cooperation and the development of new acoustic solutions. Short internal lines enable R&D, Production, Sales and Marketing to switch quickly. The process from idea to fully-fledged product can therefore be done relatively quickly.