Industry and mechanical engineering

Acoustics and sound problems play a major role in the industrial and mechanical engineering sector. Think of high noise levels that can cause hearing damage to employees. This is often caused by noisy machines, installations, and generators. In addition, reverberation plays a role in large workshops where few absorbent materials are present. 

EASY Noise Control can do a lot in this area. Not only through a wide range of acoustic materials and solutions. Our expertise in customization and re-design of solutions for specific applications gives us added value. 

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Whether customization is necessary and more efficient depends on the situation, location, and specific solution. We can offer customization in various ways and within several product groups.

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Acoustic materials

Custom-made acoustic materials for your product or machine. With a variety of materials, thicknesses and properties, and the service to fully customise it, it offers effectiveness and efficiency.

Sound casing

For your machines or pumps, we offer custom-made enclosures. Installation, including construction and accessories, is one of the possibilities.

Sound barrier

Need an acoustic and sound insulating sound barrier? With standard and customised sandwich panels, we create the perfect partition wall in your hall or around the noise maker.

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Request advice

Contact our acoustic specialist for more information about our products in your application, quotations, samples and any customization possibilities.

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