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Pyracoustic melamine foam

We offer a wide range of high-quality melamine foams under the name Pyracoustic. Melamine foam has an exceptionally low weight (12 kg/m3), is fireproof and has excellent noise-absorbing properties. The product is friendly in terms of processing and use.

The different melamine foam products are suitable for specific applications, among other things, construction, vehicle construction, aviation and aerospace industry.

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Our product range

The pyracoustic panels are self-adhesive and have a standard size of 120 x 60 cm. The panels are available in three different colours and with a straight or bevelled edge.


Melamine foam flat

  • Lightweight
  • Flat sides
  • Self-adhesive
from €25,38


Melamine foam edge

  • Lightweight
  • Bevelled sides
  • Self-adhesive
from €32,71