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We offer various solutions based on mass plates under the name EASYmass. Where openness is important for sound absorption, mass is one of the most important factors for sound insulation. By aggravating structures, sound waves are stopped. EASYmass products add as much mass as possible in as thin a product as possible.

EASYmass geluidsisolerende vloermat
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Our product range

EASY Noise Control offers EASYmass mass plates for different applications.

EASYmass massaplaten


Sound barrier mats

  • Increases noise insulation value of, e.g. floors
  • High mass at low thickness (3 mm)
  • Weight: 7.5 kg/m2 or 14 kg/m2
from €27,15


Noise-insulating floor mat

  • Combines mass with flexibility
  • Provided with layer of artifical leather
  • Suitable for vehicles and cabins
from €128,55


Pipe insulation

  • Anthracite visible side
  • Easily bendable thanks to a core of iron mesh
  • To be fastened with, for example Tyraps
from €70,38