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Machines, devices and vehicles are getting quieter due to increasing legal regulations and customer requirements. This is a good development, since combating noises directly at the source prevents a high level of noise pollution. Acoustic materials are often required to make machines, devices and vehicles quieter. What is needed varies depending on the product and situation. EASY Noise Control advises on existing products and thinks together with you to make them as quiet as possible.

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What does EASY Noise Control offer?

EASY Noise control provides a wide range of absorbent, noise-insulating and detrimental materials. These materials are usually quickly available from stock in fixed sizes with various thicknesses. In addition, we have machinery at our disposal to cut products perfectly to the desired size.


Our customers are increasingly opting for a tailor-made solution in which we deliver the products directly to measure. The costs for an adaptation of the material are somewhat higher, but often far outweigh the costs and the time for adaptation only during assembly. The adjustment can also go beyond the product itself. Advantages can also be achieved through intelligent packaging. We therefore always consider the entire process to offer you the best possible service.

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The Zünd

To cut products, we have an extensive machine park, including a special so-called wire cutter. With this "all-rounder" we can do CNC-cuts and mill almost any shape with very small tolerances. Since we do this internally, we can change very quickly if necessary. In addition, we can supply products with different cover layers to protect the material from heat, oil or water, for example. 

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FireSeal is very characteristic in our range. FireSeal is a highly fire-resistant polyurethane foam that corresponds to fire class B. It is so fireproof that it can even be used in fire corridors of buildings. This is in contrast to other polyurethane foams, which are still highly flammable despite all types of flame-retardant certificates (FMVSS / UL94).

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FireSeal has a specific weight of approx. 90 kg / m3 and is much heavier than other polyurethane foams with a weight of 25 - 30 kg / m3. As a result, it not only absorbs, but also has sound-insulating properties. This is the best and very often searched solution for many machines and only with low additional costs.

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Gluing: how about this?

In most cases, a product is glued into a machine, device, or vehicle. Not every adhesive layer is always equally suitable for both surfaces. Sometimes there are special requests for a top layer; Should the product be removable later or is it a permanent fixation? With our knowledge of various adhesive surfaces, we can in most cases offer a solution that meets your requirements.

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EASY Noise Control is very centrally located. Our office in De Meern (near Utrecht) is only a few minutes' drive from the intersection of the A2 and A12 and offers free parking. You can find examples of most of our products in our office; partly in the exhibition room, partly in the office on the 1st floor. Of course it is possible to view one or more products without an appointment. However, if you would like to discuss a specific acoustic problem or project, please make an appointment with us in advance. We will then make sure that the right person is available to help you.


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Request for advice

If you would like more information about our acoustic products or their application, you can always call or send us a message. Our acoustic experts will be happy to help you and always know what to do!

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