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The importance of acoustics in vehicle construction

Noise control plays a major role in vehicle construction, both in terms of comfort and safety. We offer, for example, solutions for:

  • Yacht-building
  • Car companies
  • Other vehicles
Yalmar Ras
Yalmar Ras
Acoustic specialist

Acoustic materials for vehicle construction

EASY Noise Control delivers an extensive range of acoustic materials to reduce the noise of ships, cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles. Noise in a vehicle causes nuisance, fatigue and danger. Whether the vehicle is a workplace or an extension of the living environment, the comfort and safety increase the more the noise is reduced.

Regardless of whether it involves the placement of noise insulation in the form of anti-drumming or the addition of noise absorption, every situation is different. Our acoustic specialists are happy to advise you in reducing the noise of your vehicle.

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Frequently used acoustic solutions for vehicle construction

We offer an ample choice in noise-insulating, noise-absorbing and anti-drumming materials to prevent driving noise, noise of engines and other noise nuisance in vehicles.

Ask the experts

Do you have any doubts about the proper application of a product? Or would you like to know which acoustic material is most suitable for a specific noise problem? Contact one of our acoustic advisors. They give you a practical and targeted advice.

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