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Perfect audio quality for home cinema or listening room

We have many great solutions for audio studio and music especially for the lovers of perfect audio quality. We give you an advice on how the acoustics may improve of, among other things:

  • Listening room
  • Studio
  • Home cinema
Thomas van Hulst
Thomas van Hulst
Acoustic specialist

Acoustics studio/HiFi

EASY Noise Control delivers professional solutions for optimal acoustics and noise insulation in listening rooms, recordings studios and home cinemas. To achieve the most beautiful sound in the room and the lowest noise level outside that space. Ranging from traditional insulating foam to acoustic design elements.

Opt for acoustic solutions that seamlessly integrate with your interior or truly distinct design solutions.

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Frequently used products for studio/HiFi applications

In the field of acoustic products for studio and HiFi applications, we offer you an extensive choice from acoustic absorbers, acoustic diffusers and acoustics bass traps.

Ask the experts

We are happy to perform a measurement at location if you don't want any uncertainties about the current acoustics. We have all the equipment needed to conduct a proper reverberation measurement.

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