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The importance of acoustics in restaurants

The subject acoustics is receiving increasingly more attention in the hospitality industry. People visit to experience a relaxed evening and a high noise level and much resonance prevent this. Acoustic improvement ensures, among other things:

  • Better speech intelligibility
  • Positive effect on the experience of guests
  • Guests don't get tired as quickly
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Thérèse de Boevère
Thérèse de Boevère
Acoustic specialist

Improve the acoustics in restaurants

Acoustics play an extremely important role in restaurants. Bad reviews and experiences of guests have a negative influence on the business. If the acoustics in a restaurant is poor, it also has an effect on the experience and perception of the guests.

We offer an extensive range of acoustic and, at the same time, aesthetic solutions to prevent poor acoustics in a bar or restaurant. This includes both acoustic wall solutions and ceiling solutions.

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Frequently used applications for good acoustics in restaurants

In addition to the acoustics, the aesthetics of the space also play an important role in restaurants. We offer an ample choice in the field of acoustic applications ranging from distinctive to discrete solutions. This way, the acoustic solution can be incorporated in the current interior or actually give the restaurant more character.

Measurement at location

We are happy to perform a measurement at location to take away any uncertainties you may have about the current acoustics in your establishment. We have all the equipment needed to conduct a proper reverberation measurement in your restaurant or bar.

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