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The importance of acoustics in public spaces

Public spaces are usually very noisy. The resonance level is high because of the large and often hard surfaces. Reducing the reverberation includes many advantages:

  • Improvement of speech intelligibility
  • Increase of privacy
  • Easier to stay focused on the conversation
Thérèse de Boevère
Thérèse de Boevère
Acoustic specialist

Improve the acoustics in public spaces

A high level of resonance is present in many public spaces such as reception areas, canteens and/or meeting rooms. This is not conducive to the speech intelligibility and may distract people from the actual message. Moreover, it takes more energy to stay focused on the conversation.

Each public space requires attention to see where acoustic solutions can be placed to obtain an optimal result. A combination of ceiling and wall solutions is often the most desirable option.

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Frequently used solutions for good acoustics in public spaces

The use of noise-absorbent ceiling and wall solutions prevents the resonance in the space and improves the acoustics. We deliver several solutions that obviously comply with the fire regulations applicable to public spaces.

Measurement at location

We are happy to perform a measurement at location to take away any concerns you may have about the current acoustics. We have all the equipment needed to conduct a proper reverberation measurement in a public space.

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