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The importance of acoustics in a home environment

Good acoustics at home contribute to the level of comfort. This blog provides the answers to questions asked when improving the acoustics in a house:

  • How much acoustic material is needed?
  • Where do I place the material?
  • Which acoustic materials are suitable?
Thomas van Hulst
Thomas van Hulst
Acoustic specialist

Improve the acoustics in your home

Hard materials and a sleek design in your home; it looks amazing but it also contributes to resonance in the space. It seems to be noisy and the sound appears to be coming from all directions. EASY Noise Control delivers solutions to improve the acoustics in living rooms, (spacious) kitchens and other living areas, such as acoustic wall panels and acoustic ceiling elements.

Every house and every interior is different and the same applies to the placement of the acoustic solutions in order to create the best result. In many cases, a combination of ceiling and wall solutions is desired for good acoustics in your home.

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Frequently used solutions for good acoustics at home

The application of sufficient noise-absorbent material is important to create a clearly audible improvement in the acoustics. The quantity of material needed differs for each space. Frequently used solutions are photo panels on the wall and acoustic ceiling elements.

Ask the experts

Do you have any doubts about the proper application of a product? Or would you like to know which acoustic material is most suitable to solve a specific noise problem? Contact one of our acoustic advisors. They give you a practical and targeted advice.

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