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The importance of acoustics in treatment areas

Acoustics play an important role in the healthcare industry, both in waiting rooms and treatment areas. Acoustic improvements in this field are aimed at:

  • Better speech intelligibility
  • Enhancement of privacy
  • More comfortable work climate
Thérèse de Boevère
Thérèse de Boevère
Acoustic specialist

Improve the acoustics in doctor's and dental practices

Poor acoustics in waiting rooms can cause tension for patients. This leads to a feeling of discomfort which is brought into the consulting room. By improving the acoustics in the waiting room, this tension can be prevented. Poor acoustics in the consulting room can also contribute to an unpleasant experience.


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Frequently used solutions for proper acoustics in treatment areas

We offer an ample choice of acoustic solutions to create a more comfortable climate and enhance the feeling of privacy in a treatment areas. Frequently used applications are acoustic ceiling elements and wall panels provided with photo prints.

Measurement at location

We are happy to perform a measurement of your treatment area at location to take away any uncertainties you may have regarding the current acoustics. We have all the equipment needed to perform a proper reverberation measurement in a doctor's or dental practice.

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