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Acoustic materials for construction and deconstruction solutions

We deliver acoustic materials for (de)construction companies in the following sectors:

  • House construction
  • Ceiling companies
  • Insulation companies
Jeroen Blekkenhorst
Jeroen Blekkenhorst
Acoustic specialist

Acoustics for (de)construction companies

Noise control plays an important role in construction and deconstruction. Reverberation, impact or airborne sound and noise are factors that should be monitored constantly. EASY Noise Control offers a solution for nearly every noise problem with an extensive range of acoustic materials. Specific wishes and requirements are obviously taken into consideration.

Our acoustic specialists are happy to assist in applying the appropriate product for your situation.

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Frequently used acoustic solutions for construction and deconstruction

Our wide range of acoustic solutions for construction and deconstruction projects always enables you to find the best application for your project. From noise-absorbent materials tot acoustic ceiling solutions.

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We are happy to perform a measurement at location to take away any uncertainties you may have about the current acoustics. We have all the equipment needed to conduct a proper reverberation measurement.

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