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Improve your call center's acoustics

In a call centre, good acoustics are of great importance. Acoustic improvements are aimed at, among other things:

  • Improve speech intelligibility
  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Increasing employee satisfaction
Yalmar Ras
Yalmar Ras
Akoestisch specialist

Improve call center's acoustics

In a call centre, several people are continuously making telephone calls at the same time. This can lead to a high level of noise and environmental noise. A concentrated conversation becomes a challenge as a result. Applying sound absorbing materials to the room reduces the noise level, reduces the reverberation in the room and improves the acoustics.

In many cases, a combination of ceiling and wall solutions is required for good acoustics in call centres.

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Frequently used solutions for good acoustics at call centers

To be able to work in a concentrated way in a call centre, sound-absorbing ceiling islands or acoustic wall panels are often installed in the room. In addition, acoustic screens are also regularly installed between workstations to increase concentration and privacy.

Measurement at location

We are able to perform a measurement at location if you don't want to have any uncertainties about the current acoustics in your call center. We have all the equipment needed to perform a proper reverberation measurement.

Measurement at location
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