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Acoustic materials

In addition to a problem-solver in the field of room acoustics, EASY Noise Control is also a wholesaler in acoustic materials. These acoustic materials can be ordered both by telephone and through our webshop. Our account manager will be happy to visit you for larger purchases!

Where are acoustic materials being used?

Acoustic materials are delivered to a wide range of parties in the Netherlands, such as:

- Machine and equipment construction
- Vehicle construction (including yacht building)
- Interior construction
- Construction and deconstruction

Acoustic materials collection

Within the package of acoustic materials, we make a distinction between the following materials:

Noise-absorbing materials:
Noise-absorbing materials are suitable for a variety of applications. Within the field of room acoustics, these materials are often aesthetic and suitable to reduce reverberation in the space.

When it comes to technical applications, the term acoustic foam is often used. A well-known example of such acoustic material is convoluted foam. In terms of technical foams, especially our product FireSeal is extremely distinguishing; as far as we know, this is the only polyurethane foam which fire resistance is of such high level that it is even approved to be used in escape routes in buildings.

Noise-insulating materials:
Noise-insulating materials are used to limit the noise transmission between 2 spaces. Characteristic for a noise-insulating sheet is a high mass at a low thickness. Frequently used applications for noise-insulating materials are light partition constructions (floors / walls) and light enclosures whereby the noise insulation value is increased by adding mass.

Anti-drumming materials:
Anti-drumming materials are materials with an anti-drumming effect. These are suitable to reduce the diffusion of vibrations in steel, aluminium, polyester and other materials; mainly when there are relatively few enclosures and large surfaces. Because anti-drumming materials also have a high mass, they are also suitable as noise insulation. Frequently used applications are steel walls and doors, water hammers and façade panels. The car-audio also often uses anti-drumming materials.

Vibration-insulating materials:
Vibration-insulating materials are materials ensuring that the vibration of a source is not transmitted. We have a limited number of solutions available for this application to place a vibration-insulating subfloor.

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