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Acoustic curtains

Hanging acoustic curtains in a space prevents direct noise reflections and shortens the reverberation time. This also improves the speech intelligibility of the space. EASY Noise Control delivers acoustic, transparent curtains with high levels of noise absorption. These levels are comparable with the absorption values of thick fabric curtains.

The acoustic curtains ensure a unique combination of aesthetics, acoustics and light in an office or home.

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Yalmar Ras
Yalmar Ras
Acoustic specialist

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Request for a measurement at location if you are looking for more insight in the current acoustic situation. We have all the equipment needed to perform a proper reverberation measurement. The outcomes of this measurement are used to give you a practical and targeted advice.

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Acoustic transparent curtain
  • Strong and fire resistant
  • Deliverable in lengths up to 280 cm
  • Available in 12 colours

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