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Acoustic chair

Acoustics and design come together in our acoustic furniture. The combination of our knowledge of acoustics with ideas of designers leads to beautiful functional furniture, such as our FirstCall chair. This acoustic chair provides the opportunity to make a phone call in all tranquillity in a busy space. The user is not bothered by environmental noises and the environment is not bothered by the phone call.

The acoustic chair brings back tranquillity at the workplace, so employees are able to focus better and to work more productively.

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Ruben de Visser
Ruben de Visser
Project manager

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Request for a measurement at location if you are looking for more insight in the current acoustic situation. We have all the equipment needed to perform a proper reverberation measurement. The outcomes of this measurement are used to give you a practical and targeted advice.

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FirstCall telephone chair
  • Noise in chair is highly dampened
  • Call in all tranquillity in busy environment
  • Available in several design fabrics

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