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Acoustic ceiling panels

Acoustic ceiling panels are available in many shapes and sizes. All ceiling panels are noise-absorbent and can be glued directly onto the structural ceiling. This makes the ceiling panels extremely suitable for spaces with a low height presenting an annoying resonance.

With an ample choice in ceiling panels, you are always able to select a solution that seamlessly matches your interior.

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Nick Knipmeijer
Nick Knipmeijer
Acoustic specialist

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Request for a measurement at location if you are looking for more insight in your current acoustic situation. We have all the equipment needed to perform a proper reverberation measurement. The outcomes of this measurement are used to give you a practical and targeted advice.

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EASY ceiling panel Direct Glued acoustic ceiling tiles with straight edge or facet edge
  • Glueable
  • Straight edge or facet edge
  • Including assembly adhesive

Acoustic value

Fire resistance


Melamine foam edge Lightweight, self-adhesive melamine foam sheets with bevelled edges
  • Lightweight
  • Bevelled sides
  • Self-adhesive

Acoustic value

Fire resistance