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Acoustic blinds

Acoustic blinds

Acoustic blinds improve both the acoustics and the aesthetics of a space. The acoustic performances of the blinds can be attributed to the noise-absorbing properties. In addition to a contribution to the design of a space, the blinds also ensure more privacy because the space can be partitioned.

This makes the blinds ideal as an acoustic solution in an office space or a restaurant with annoying resonance.

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If you want more insight into the current acoustic situation, you can request a measurement on location.

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Yalmar Ras
Yalmar Ras
Acoustics specialist
EASY blinds
  • Made of 100% pure wool
  • Dirt and water repellent
  • Colour stable and fire resistant
vanaf €
  • Rotatable
  • Available in three heights
  • 100% recyclable ecological felt
vanaf €1495